Your Feet Need YOU!

Here we are in the final year of another decade. What haven’t you done that you promised yourself? Get fit? Walk more? Lose weight? And what’s stopping you?
Often, uncomfortable feet, knees or hips are the limiting factor to more exercise and better physical and mental health.
Your feet should be painless and comfortable, in fact they should be forgettable! If your feet are uncomfortable you can feel it on every step and it shows on your face.
Lots of our customers have been putting up with uncomfortable feet for some time before coming to see us. Many think the pain might just go away or they feel embarrassed to show somebody else their feet. But deep down, they know that this is stopping them from getting out there and being as active as they could be!
Time for a New You?
At The Foot Room, we have the skills to put an end to your painful feet, whether it be corns, hard skin, heel cracks, verrucae, ingrowing or thickened toenails…and we do it painlessly!
As HCPC registered Podiatrists we are trained to assess, diagnose, treat and advise on all aspects of foot health. We see a huge range of foot conditions and our tailored treatments improve pain, discomfort, appearance and quality of life for most of our patients. There’s no need for embarrassment, nothing surprises us, and all consultations are private and confidential.
We also have a Musculo-Skeletal Specialist Podiatrist who can help with joint and muscle pain in feet, knees, hips and often backs too by assessing your walking and providing exercise advice and orthotics (arch supports).
Once our customers make the first step to pain-free feet they rave about us and the benefits of our treatment…..
“My feet feel fantastic, thanks, I’m walking on air now” Mrs M
“Your expertise, kindness and real caring has helped to keep me walking” Mrs H
“Top class professionals with a wealth of experience” Mrs B
What are you waiting for?
Make 2019 the year to get the spring back into your step.
Call The Foot Room on 01772 378812 to make your appointment.