REFORM YOUR FAT LOSS Female Fitness and Hormones

We’ve run our Female Fat Loss classes for 4 years with fabulous results – smaller waistlines, cravings gone and energy levels consistent.

Why do we have a specific Female Fat Loss class?

Female hormones have a direct impact on fat burning and muscle tone. The current solutions in health and fitness fail because they are not built for women, and they neglect individual variations on metabolism.  We use the protocols from Metabolic Effect which approaches female fat loss in a different way.

Traditionally exercises classes make no distinction between men and women.  But not only are women different from men, but each woman is unique compared to other women.

Female hormones have a direct impact on fat burning and muscle tone.  The current solutions in general classes fail because they’re not built for women and they neglect individual variations on metabolism.

At Your Pilates Space we offer Reform Your Fat Loss classes which have shown to change that.  We have a unique twice weekly class that works your body diffidently and get results.  No more hunger, craving and your energy levels will be consistent.  Our classes are drop-in and use the large Pilates equipment.

You will learn the challenges that come with the hormonal changes of menopause, how to address stubborn lower body fat and the female belly.

Do you want:

  • A more balanced hormonal system?
  • To combat the menopause spread?
  • Have consistent energy
  • Have fewer cravings
  • Sleep and rest better?

Workshop content:

Key Female Fat Loss Hormones

You will learn about the menstrual cycle, how that impacts cravings and other key fat burning hormones.

Unique perspective on the Menopause

We will outline the physiology of the menopause, how it affects fat loss and unique nutrition and exercise protocols to combat this.


You will learn what causes cellulite, and the 4-step approach to reduce it for your female clients.

 Real world practical solutions

As well as learning the theory behind female hormones, menopause and cellulite you will discover real world programming strategies to help these conditions using the hierarchy of fat loss model.

There is also a short Reform Your Fat Loss class for those who would like to experience a class to start making your hormones work for you and not against you.