Lose Weight, Feel Great

Hello 2019 !! January is here once again and we are all making New Years Resolutions, many of which involve losing weight and getting fit! If you are looking to lose weight then look no further than the Cambridge Weight Plan.
Most of us will have been at a point in our lives where we were unhappy about the way we looked and the way we felt about ourselves. Many people tend to be emotional eaters, turning to food when they are sad or troubled but equally using food to celebrate.
In moderation food as a treat is to be enjoyed but when food and drink becomes the focus of our day, the result can be that we over indulge and over time start to gain weight.
With busy lives and sedentary jobs our calories in exceed our calories expended.
There are many reasons to lose weight, special occasions, birthdays, weddings, holidays, but the single most important reason to lose weight is for your own health and well being, the by product of losing weight is that you look great and you feel amazing.
Our products are all nutritionally balanced so you can be sure you are getting everything you need plus there are plans to suit you and your lifestyle.
Conventional food can be included in the Plan, it just depends on your own personal circumstances and how much you want to lose. I will work with you one to one, to ensure you achieve your goals and will be there every step of the way.
We all make New Years resolutions but make sure that this year you achieve yours with the help and support of me, your weight loss consultant and fabulous nutritionally balanced products.
It’s not the weight you lose, it’s the life you gain.