Look up! And get more space at home for under £345

We’d all like more room at home. But not everyone can afford to move or extend. So what if there was a way to get extra space for just a few hundred pounds, ready to use in less than a day? In truth, that space is already there. It’s just not being used to its full potential.

For most, the loft is a dark and dingy place visited on rare occasions; a precarious scramble across dusty beams with torch in hand, grabbing what’s needed then clambering back past boxes filled with long-forgotten belongings. But that dark and dingy place is worth thousands. In fact, it takes up a third of the floorspace in an average home. So shouldn’t we be making the most of it?

And that’s where More Than Loft Ladders (MTLL) comes in. Founded in Bolton eight years ago, MTLL specialises in generating space by making our lofts easily accessible. The latest MTLL franchise is based in Preston and is run by skilled local Iain Caldwell who says the company’s no-frills approach is what most people are looking for.

“We’re not selling £15,000 loft conversions,” says Iain. “This is a low-cost and simple alternative. For just £287+VAT you can get; a high quality loft ladder fitted for total ease of use and upmost safety, a fitted light to illuminate your attic space with a switch placed in a safe but easy to reach location and some high quality and durable loft boarding to make the space safe and secure.  We can also fit a draft-proof loft hatch if required from only £55.”

The price customers are quoted is the price they will pay, with no additional call out charges. Iain provides a free guarantee on all parts and labour too.

For a free survey and quotation with no obligation, contact More Than Loft Ladders now!

Call 0800 035 9880 or visit the website at www.morethanloftladders.co.uk