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Spring is upon us and your grass is ready to wake up and get growing! Here are some expert tips from Greensleeves Lawn Care on how to ensure your lawn gets the best at the start of the season, setting it up for summer.

Aeration is the perfect treatment for the beginning of the growing season. It removes small plugs of soil from the ground, allowing nutrients, water and air to reach the roots of your grass. It also prevents soil from becoming compact, helping to absorb and retain water in preparation for potential dry weather in summer. It’s the perfect way to give your grass a kick-start this spring.

As well as aeration, Spring is a great time for overseeding. Seeds are ready to grow, so overseeding helps your grass to recover from winter, filling in patches and increasing the thickness of your lawn. It rejuvenates patches that have developed over winter and prepares for summer; thick grass is much better protected against scorching from hot sunshine.

If moss has built up on your lawn over winter, a moss control and scarification treatment will remove the discolouration and help your grass to grow during spring – without being weighed down by thatch. It’s a great time to scarify your lawn; because your grass is active at this time of year, it can quickly recover.

Greensleeves offer loads of lawn care services, including our specialist spring treatment. Get in touch to speak to an expert or to arrange an appointment!