Joanne loses an incredible 6 stone and is crowned Lea Club Woman of the Year!

I joined Slimming World on 9th January 2018, weighing at my heaviest weight 19st 5.5lbs… I was miserable with myself and life.
Before I joined I had no idea how heavy I was because I was too embarrassed to step on the scales, I had tried all types of diets, and although I lost weight it was hard to maintain and the weight just came back.
I decided my ‘New Years Resolution’ would be to lose weight and when a Slimming World leaflet came through the door, l knew that’s where I was going to succeed.
The free joining free voucher that was advertised in a magazine was all the incentive I needed to join.
I wasn’t convinced that it would work for me, due to a chronic back condition I’m unable to exercise which in the past has slowed my weight loss down and the prescribed medication wasn’t working because of how heavy I was.
At my first Slimming World weigh in I lost 7lbs and I was ecstatic and I’ve never looked back since…
I have completely changed the way I think about food, This hasn’t been a “quick fix” it is definitely a lifestyle change for me, making healthy swaps and carful choices, I still have weeks when I struggle to stay food focussed, as I enjoy my life and going out socialising, but I’m balancing losing weight whilst living my life and that is what Slimming World teaches you.
I feel as though I have a Slimming World family now, our group are so supportive of each other, I stay to group meetings every week as this is where I get the help and support I need.
My motivator has been my family history of heart disease, I go for checkups annually, including cholesterol blood tests, I’m so happy to be able to say now I’ve lost weight my cholesterol is significantly lower and I have managed to reduce the medication I’m on for my back disorder.
I’m aiming to be at my personal achievement target by Christmas, With a sustained loss of 2lb a week, I will succeed!
When I began my journey I was wearing a size 24-26 clothes, I now wear a size 14!
The most important thing that I’ve learned is that if I fail to plan, I plan to fail, it’s all in the meal planning.
Even when I reach my target, I’ll still plan my food and come to group each week because it’s the support you received that has keeps you going.
I never want to go back to how life was before Slimming World, I am now over 6 Stone lighter and looking forward to getting to target!
When I look back on photos of myself in dark clothes that I thought at the time hid how big I was,when in reality they didn’t, I remember that feeling of just wanting to hide away from the world, I used to dread being invited out going to family functions, and I now I’m slimmer aiming for target by Christmas, I’m happier and healthier and looking forward to an amazing future thanks to Slimming World
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