Dog Fouling

Dog mess is probably the most unacceptable and offensive type of litter on our streets. It is not only
deeply unpleasant, it can be dangerous.
Contact with dog excrement can cause toxocariasis – a nasty infection that can lead to dizziness,
nausea, asthma and in very rare cases blindness.
To report a dog fouling problem go to:
If there is insufficient information to investigate your report then the Council’s Neighbourhood Services
team will attempt to carry out a clean up only.
What happens after I report it?
1. Fouling clean up
If the fouling is on a pavement or road, we will send a road sweeper to clean the fouling away. We
cannot clean fouling off private property or grass etc.
2. Dog fouling diary completion You will need to complete a Dog Fouling Diary
including: time of fouling, place of fouling, brief description of offender (if known)
Once your diary is received, we will visit your area at the reported times to try and catch offenders. We
have found that most dog walkers follow routines, it is therefore essential the local community helps the
Dog Control Team to tackle the problem. What if offenders are caught?
Failure to immediately remove faeces from land that is open to the air and to which the public are
entitled or permitted to have access is a criminal offence.
If prosecuted, offenders may be fined up to £1000 and receive a criminal record upon conviction.
Alternatively offenders may be given the opportunity to pay a fixed penalty of £80.00. Failure to pay the
fixed penalty notice will result in prosecution, repeat offenders are not given the opportunity to pay a
fixed penalty.
My neighbour has a build-up of dog faeces in their back garden can you help?
We can investigate complaints made about smells caused by accumulations of dog faeces. If it is
found to be a statutory nuisance, we can ensure your neighbours clean their yard.
We need a dog poo bin in the area, who should I ask?
We no longer install new dog poo bins. All dog waste can go into littler bins, as long as it is suitably
wrapped in a poo bag. If you still think you need a new littler bin email

What is the dog fouling situation in Preston? Studies undertaken in Preston have shown that
approximately 99% of all dog owners regularly pick up after their dogs, which means that only 1% of
Preston’s dog owners are blighting their community with this anti-social behaviour. However, one dog
fouling, twice daily can lead to a considerable amount of dog mess within a week. With only a
small number of incidents, it makes it difficult to for us to identify and deal with offenders. Whilst the
majority of Preston isn’t blighted by dog fouling, it is accepted that there are some areas that become
‘hotspots’. What are Fouling Action Zones? Sometimes we are aware that an area has an
unusually high occurrence of dog fouling in a small area. When this happens a ‘Fouling Action Zone’ in
declared. We will then draw up an action plan to involve the community and put extra resources into
the area until the matter is addressed. For further information contact:
Dog Control Team
Environmental Health Department
Town Hall
Lancaster Road
Preston PR1 2RL
Telephone: 01772 906907