April’s Issue

Jam Publications…Still Delivering In Challenging Times

April’s Issues will still be landing on the doormat of residents. Our distributors are staying at home as we all should be, so after a frantic few days we decided to utilise Royal Mail.

Over the past 14+ years we have never once not fulfilled our promise to deliver and believed now was not the time to start.

The situation over the last few weeks has been changing swiftly and as the magazines had already been printed, rather than waste all those publications we took the decision to fulfil our obligation and carry on delivering and supporting the community. We believe this was the right thing to do.


Pausing Future Publications…For Now!

All future publications now on hold. However, we intend to be ready to go as soon as the Government restrictions are lifted.

After the huge impact this pandemic has inevitably had on our way of life and our economy, we believe that there will be a call to action to start rebuilding our communities, our country and our economy. Local businesses and community groups will be at the forefront of this rebuilding and resources like our magazines will be more important than ever. You will be able to play your part by supporting your local businesses when you can.