19th Annual Preston Health Mela


NFHW and UCLan join forces to promote healthy eating

An Invitation to an Interactive Public Engagement Seminar on Nutrition & Health

To take place on Thursday, 20th February, 4.30 – 6.30 pm,

Greenbank Lecture Theatre UCLan, Victoria Street, Preston, PR1 2HE


Have you ever wondered about the links between what you eat and how you feel? How your diet influences your own and your family’s health? Maybe you’ve worried about weight gain and considered dieting – or maybe you’re troubled by an allergy?

To address these and other dietary concerns, the National Forum for Health and Wellbeing (NFHW), the organisation behind the popular annual Preston Health Mela, has enlisted the support of colleagues from the School of Medicine and the Creative Communities Group at the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) and Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (LTHTR), to present an exciting interactive conference where you can bring yourself up-to-date with cutting edge thinking on the important theme of Nutrition and Health. By joining us at this exciting free seminar you can be sure you will be in possession of the very latest facts and guidance to steer your family towards a healthy diet and lifestyle.

If you want to know the very latest thinking on the close links between what we are and what we eat, then this free public meeting is just the opportunity you have been waiting for!

Planned to give the maximum opportunity for public participation, the meeting will be opened by UCLan’s Deputy Vice Chancellor, Professor Lynne Livesey, and consists of the four short presentations detailed below:

1 Diet and nutrition for healthy life and ageing

Dr Pappachan Joseph, Consultant in Endocrinology & Metabolism LTHTR

Dr Joseph will outline how choices in diet and nutrition can contribute to a healthy life and wellbeing both now and as we get older. 

2 Food allergy (IgE mediated) Dr Pavaladurai Vijaydurai and Dr Ariharan Anantharachagan, Consultant clinical Immunologists LTHTR

Drs Vijayduraii and Anantharachagan will describe how food allergies can be identified and managed.

3 Childhood obesity (epidemic)

Dr Omolola Ayoola, Consultant paediatrician and endocrinologist LTHTR.

Dr Ayoola will address issues of childhood obesity and strategies for tackling this epidemic.

4 Maternal nutrition and life style

Dr Victoria Louise Moran, Associate professor of maternal and child nutrition UCLan

Dr Moran will focus on maternal nutrition and lifestyle with reference to gestational diabetes.

After the presentations, members of the audience will be invited to join a group based on one of the four topics for questions and detailed discussion with the speaker(s) concerned. A final plenary session will provide an opportunity to summarise and draw conclusions on the proceedings as a whole.

Commenting on the event, UCLan Pro Vice-chancellor (Clinical Health and Research) Professor St John Crean said,

“UCLan is delighted to contribute and support this public engagement project. We are committed to ensuring populations remain updated and inspired to ensure health remains at the forefront of all life decisions.”