Cruelty Free Candy

Cruelty Free Candy is a small vegan husband and wife team.

We have been vegan ourselves since February 2015 – our journey started when we watched the documentary ‘Vegucated’ on Netflix.  Both of us are huge animal lovers and we realised there and then that by eating animal products our actions were not aligned with our beliefs. We went vegetarian overnight and worked on cutting out all other animal products to become fully vegan.  We have seen such a positive change in the vegan movement over the years and it has been our dream to run a fully vegan business – 2019 was the year for this and Cruelty Free Candy was created!

Our goal is to make vegan sweets accessible everywhere at a reasonable price and also to show non-vegans that vegan treats are just as good – if not better – than the ones they are used to!

All the sweets on our site are 100% vegan so you can shop in confidence without the usual need to check all the ingredients as we have done that for you.

We are also very passionate about the environment and have done our best to offer the most eco friendly packaging possible (we go in to more detail about this here).  We have done hours upon hours of research looking at the different options available and will continue to do so as more and more eco-friendly options are becoming available all the time.