Jen, Sarah and team are delighted to announce the opening of their new treatment rooms.

We’ve taken a giant leap forward into 2018 and expanded into the second floor of our premises to create 2 brand new treatment rooms and waiting area.

Our Spa room, boasts a super-comfortable, reclining chair so that you can fully relax during our specialised medical pedicures.

The Biomechanics room is kitted out with a treadmill so our specialist can more easily assess your walking and gait problems.

Downstairs, we still have our Traditional room, which is accessible, for those who cannot manage the stairs.

There are 7 podiatrists in our fabulous team and we can now offer a greater choice of appointments. Our team of 4 receptionists are ready to greet you with a smile and a brew!

We have been here at 2 Towneley Road, Longridge for over 7 years now, but still hear people say…

“I don’t know what you do”

We are Podiatrists, or what some people will still call, Chiropodists. And we are foot experts. We can ease foot pain, improve walking, and provide pampering too.

Podiatrists are trained to assess, diagnose, treat and offer advice on all aspects of foot health and problems. You don’t need a GP referral. Just give us a ring 01772 378812.

Do you have a problem with your feet but are frightened to show them to anyone? Or maybe you don’t know if we will be able to help.

One of the most common things we hear from new clients is “I’ve got the most awful feet, I don’t even want to show you” ….the second most common thing we hear is “That’s amazing, I’m walking on air…and you didn’t hurt me at all!”

What’s stopping you? Take the first step on the road to comfortable and beautiful feet.