Think ahead as summer slips away….

Summer is nearing its end. After the long warm sunny days we have all enjoyed, sadly our lawns have been extremely challenged due to the drought conditions. The grass has been under severe stress this summer, therefore it is important to keep feeding whilst the grass is growing, as the plants have been starved of nutrients due to the dry soil over the summer. Indeed some areas may have developed a condition called “Dry Patch” when the soil will not absorb moisture.

It is essential to maintain your lawns as we move towards the cooler autumn and winter months.

Keep mowing the lawns whilst they are still growing. If they are looking a little “tufty “ as they recover, mowing frequently, but removing only a small amount each cut will stimulate growth. Your final cut before the winter should leave the lawn at 3.5cm (1.5 inches) to allow protection from frost.

In preparation for winter give the lawn a good rake to remove surface debris and keep removing the leaves each week. This allows maximum sunlight to the grass as the daylight hours shorten. Layers of leaves left on the lawn starve the grass of sunlight and vital air circulation causing dieback which is unsightly and may result in the need to re-seed localised areas.

Between Autumn and Spring is the best time to carry out Hollow Tine Aeration and Scarification on the lawn. Aeration breaks up the compacted layer of soil exaggerated by the drought and cuts through sub-surface thatch by pulling out thousands of cores. This allows nutrients and water passageways to the root zone. Also promoting improved surface drainage, Scarification removes the surface debris and allows air and moisture to the plants. After this summer many lawns are covered in dead blades of grass which need removing by raking or scarification as soon as the lawn has recovered following substantial rain.

Having prepared your lawn for winter it’s time to take a break, or, if you need help, call the professionals. GreenThumb (Lancashire West) has been operating locally since 1999 and can draw on a wealth of experience to offer advice and undertake lawn care treatments using qualified staff, specially prepared additives and professional equipment. Just call 01704 823 220 for a free Lawn Analysis and quotation. We are always happy to help.