See, Hear and Try the latest Hearing Technology

Established in 1980 Preston Hearing Centre was Preston’s first private hearing aid centre.

Owner, Irene Taylor, has seen many great developments in hearing aid technology  and changes in peoples attitude to wearing these devices. There are now hearing aids that are virtually invisible, hearing aids that can be controlled by your iPhone and hearing aids that communicate with each other to give you better understanding and comfort in all listening situations.

Although modern hearing aids are fantastic compared to how they were 40 years ago Irene would like to say that ‘we don’t just do hearing aids at our centre’, there is so much more available to help clients with hearing loss.

We offer ear wax removal by microsuction (we can usually offer an appointment within 2 days) and hearing protection for people exposed to noise such as shooting, music and motorcycling.

We can demonstrate a wide range of helpful accessories for television, telephone and communication in noisy places. There is no longer any need to use subtitles or not hear something important on the telephone. We can connect your hearing aids to your mobile phone, giving you hands free communication or connect you hearing aids to your ipad or computer, making FaceTime or Skyping effortless.

These devices take time and skill to demonstrate and this is a service we offer to all our clients.

Preston Hearing Centre is situated in St Wilfrid Street, just off Fishergate, ring us on 01772 252411