Finally, we’ve seen some sunshine, the ground is beginning to dry and it’s time to get outside and sort out the garden,

There are a number of vital jobs which must be done in the next few weeks if our gardens are to flourish this year.

The first one is pruning. If you still have not done this yet, time is running out, probably about two weeks left.

The second is replenishing the soil.  The very wet winter will have washed all the goodness out of the soil and you need to replace it in some way.  There are a few options: The traditional way is with manure.  If manure is not for you or you cannot get it, the next best is homemade compost or leaf mould.  If you do not make either of these then it may be time to investigate ‘Volcanic Rock Dust’.

This product is very useful for inspiring and replenishing soil because it is full of minerals and trace elements.  They are the smallest but most important constituents of soil because not only are they vital to plants but they boost the activity of micro-organisms, good bacteria and worms which are all crucial to healthy soil which in turn will produce healthy plants.

It is very easy to use, simply top dress you beds or borders and hoe or lightly fork it in. Healthy fertile soil means less money needs to be spent on plant food and strong plants are less susceptible to pest and disease so you will also spend less on insecticide and fungicide.

The other problem facing many will be the lawn.  Remedial procedures for lawns will vary depending on you individual situation, but will include top dressing, moss killing, feeding to strengthen the remaining grass and over seeding.  All these procedures can be undertaken now and really the sooner the better.

If your gardens need colour to brighten them up after winter then there are primroses, pansies, violas and many different sorts of bulbs available to provide instant colour. These will provide colour for many weeks and in some cases well into early summer.  Early varieties of seed potatoes can be planted now as can onion sets and garlic cloves.

Tomato plants will be available by the time you read this, but beware of any chilly nights because tomatoes need to be kept warm.

Add to this the spring shrubs and early perennials which are beginning to flower now and there is plenty beginning to happen, so make the most of the weather and get into your garden.