New Year, New Feet?

“If only”, I hear you say! Of course, it’s not possible to actually get a pair of new feet, but with a bit of self-care and perhaps some professional attention you can come pretty close.

Read on for out Top Ten Tips to finding that walking on air feeling again.
Treat your feet to a relaxing, moisturising massage. Apply cream regularly and your feet will look and feel amazing.
Attend to your fungal toenails now to improve their appearance before its sandal time. The Foot Room can advise the most appropriate treatment for you.

Make friends with your Podiatrist. Regular chiropody treatment is a pleasant experience. Nails are trimmed, corns and callus gently removed and feet massages with moisturising cream to leave you walking on air!
Change your nail varnish! Regular nail varnish contains formaldehyde, parabens and toluene which damage and dry the nails causing flakiness and staining. Dr’s Remedy nail varnish is formulated by a podiatrist with the nail’s health in mind. It contains Tea Tree oil and wheat protein to nourish the nail and it allows the nail to breath. Now available to purchase at The Foot Room.

Check out your foot posture. Are you rolling your feet inward or outward? Stand in front of a mirror and look which way your feet fall when relaxed. Low or high arches can be a cause of foot, knee, hip or back pain. Arch supports can make a big difference. Call The Foot Room on 01772 378812 for a Biomechanical Assessment.
Wear shoes appropriate to your activity. The right shoes for the job improve comfort and prevent accidents. Wear flat, solid soled shoes for walking any distance, including mammoth shopping trips. Keep the high heels for special occasions only and very flat ballet pumps are best kept only for ballet too!
Get advice and treatment for long-standing verrucae. These stubborn warts are notoriously difficult to treat but The Foot Room has the latest treatment technology. Start now and you could be verruca free for the summer.
Go out for a walk. Regular exercise is good for the mind and body alike. Even a gentle stroll improves the circulation to the feet.
Get professional help for persistent ingrowing toenails to get that spring back in your step. The team at The Foot Room offer both short term and long term solutions.

Reflexology can improve general well-being as well as making the feet feel amazing. Our resident Holistic Therapist has many years’ experience in both Reflexology and Foot Massage to take you floating into the new decade.