What is Microsuction?
Microsuction is a method of removing ear wax from an ear canal under a microscopic view using gentle suction. It is considered the gold-standard method of wax removal among ear, nose and throat professionals.

How does it work?
A thin metal tube, which is attached to a suctioning machine, is slowly inserted into the outer ear and onto hard wax and the ear wax is pulled out. The lumps of wax are cleared in this way until the ear drum is visible.
How do I prepare for Microsuction?
Don’t do anything to the wax that will push it further into the ear! Suction works best on harder wax so there is no need to use ear drops to soften it. The best thing to do is leave your ear alone.
How long does it take?
Normally about half an hour.
How much does it cost?
£40 for one ear and £60 for two.
Does it hurt and will I feel anything?
Microsuction should be painless. You will sometimes feel a slight pulling sensation, and it can be noisy, but overall, it’s a very gentle and comfortable procedure.
Microsuction vs Irrigation – as a wax removal specialist, which method do I prefer?
Each of these methods has their place. Microsuction is fantastic for hard, dry wax (i.e. wax in its original form) and I use it in 95% of cases.
Wet wax, usually resulting from overuse of ear drops, can block the suction tube and impede removal. This is when I would typically swap to irrigation to rinse the liquid wax out of the ear. However, I prefer to avoid water in the ear, because it carries a greater risk of ear infection.
Microsuction is also safer to use on ears with any history of ear conditions such as operations, perforations and infections. Microsuction is quicker and less messy too, and far less invasive than irrigation.
What next?
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