No it isn’t putting the Kettle on “To Music”!  (Although what a good idea).

Kettlercise ® is the most effective Kettlebell workout designed to shape and sculpt your body.  It can give rapid fat loss and change your body shape in a short space of time.

So what is a Kettlebell?  For those of you who may not know – it is a cast iron ball with a handle attached to the top of it.  The Kettlebell’s design ensures that training with it differs from training with hand weights, because the weight of a kettlebell is not evenly distributed, creating the need to counter balance and stabilise your workout hence promoting your core strength.  The Kettlebell was developed in Russia in the 1700s (no nothing is new).  They were used for weighing crops and farmers would use them to show off their strength during festivals.  The Soviet Army used them as part of their exercise training and body conditioning in the 20th Century.  Kettlercise ® exploded into the Fitness arena in 2009 and it has established itself as the leading Kettlebell Fitness Program.  It was aimed to introduce the general public to working out with this versatile piece of kit and encourage people to find out for themselves that using a Kettlebell was a fantastic way to get a full body workout.  This is an exercise class that is suitable for everyone.  It is not exercise to Music so no need to worry about choreography.  Obviously there is music but it is there to encourage and provide drive and power.

It covers all levels of fitness from beginner to advanced.  Kettlercise ® uses 37 blood pumping exercises ranging from basic moves through to more advanced techniques.  The class uses the BSM method (blood shunting method) which is designed to shape the body like nothing you have experienced before.  You use smaller Kettlebell weights for the ladies 2kg – 8kg and for the men they work 4kg to 10kg.  These may seem light compared to a Kettlebell workout, but this is a non- stop exercise class and I guarantee that, half way through, you will feel that the kettlebell has doubled in weight.  I swear that someone is secretly swapping my Kettlebell for heavier one, whilst I am not looking.   During the session you will work every major and minor muscle group.  It is the only exercise class that gives the participant a complete body workout.  You can literally see your body shape changing week by week.

If I have encouraged you to try this for yourself then you can find a full list of local qualified Kettlercise ® Instructors on their website.  As always what do you need to take with you to your class.  There is no need to buy your own Kettlebell.  Preston’s Leisure Centres provide for all class participants.  Other places may charge a nominal sum to hire the Kettlebell.  Once you are “hooked” which I am confident you will be, then you may wish to buy your own.

I would recommend you invest in some weight training gloves, I find them comfier to use with the Kettlebell but this is a personal thing and you could try without at first and see which you prefer.  As always wear comfortable clothing and trainers.

As with anyone starting a new exercise programme, if you have any current medical problems, then please seek advice from your GP before you start.  Unfortunately, this is not an exercise that is recommended to anyone pregnant due to the intensity of the class.   If you become pregnant and you are already attending classes then stop immediately and switch to another type of fitness session.  There are still so many ways to keep fit in pregnancy and your Instructor will be able to offer you some suggestions.  This also applies post birth for a period of time – longer if you have had a “C” section and as always check with your GP first before starting again.

Inspired?  then find yourself a Class and give it a go.  Remember the Kettlercise ® motto

“One Piece of Equipment, One Goal and that’s fat loss liberation”

I’m off to put the kettle on!