Holy Trinity Church FLOWER FESTIVAL 2016


What a sucessful Flower Festival!  The amazing flower arrangements were of the highest standard and over one thousand visitors passed through our doors over the three days.  In the Church Hall there was a well-researched and fascinating local history exhibition and the art exhibition by local artists portrayed great talent.   Delicious luncheons and teas were served in the hall throughout the day.

The theme of Community Spirit was successfully emphasized by the gifted flower arrangers and included church organisations, village activities, Hoghton Tower, local pubs and our neighbouring churches.  Thank you so much to all our flower arranging friends.

I would like to give a big thank you to Lizzie Walker (Coar), our Flower Coordinator, who worked tirelessly from the start of the project ten months ago.  Her husband, Stephen, and her parents supported Lizzie in every way, including staying up all night to await the delivery of the flowers from Holland.

My thanks also go to the hard working committee who all donated their time, talents and skills in so many ways – the list is endless!  We must not forget those who knitted, crocheted and made felt flowers which were given as a gift from the church.

All this could not have been carried out without the support and backing of the church and community members who helped is so many ways.  Thank you to our numerous sponsors and to all those who gave prizes for the Grand Draw which began with the donation of the helicopter ride along the beautiful Ribble Valley.

Our profit was an amazing £4,900 which includes a donation to a cancer charity of £500.  However, the aim of the Flower Festival was not to make lots of money but to reach out into the local community and beyond with the love of God.