Getting Your Ass to Class

I was always going to start exercising when I had lost weight, I had a very strategic plan which was to lose 3 stone and then and only then, would I brave enough to face the fitness world. The trouble was I never lost three stone so I never dipped my toe into the world of exercise.

I dreamed that one day I would be looking as sporty as Jessica Ennis, the truth was I sporting a physique similar to that of Jo Brand.  In some way shape or form I needed to be active. Here were my options, personal training, running around the local park or a fitness class. Initially I chose the latter; I thought it would be easy to hide at the back. So I braved it. I headed to my first class about three years go. Walking in the room my heart was already doing a workout of its own. Everyone looked so fit, one girl in particular caught my eye and she had been in the previous class and bounded back to her front row spot to do the same again. I admired her, I admired her body for being strong enough to do it, but I was intimidated by her and her athletic physique. If anyone was going to be looking down their nose at me it was going to be her.

Week after week I showed up and although the group wasn’t the friendliest I got through it. Then it happened, double class Dolly decided to speak, she told me I was doing well and asked if was enjoying it.  In fairness I thought she was being a little patronising. How easy was it for her to pat me on the back? She had no idea of the struggle I went through to just walk through the door.

What happened next taught me a valuable lesson; I had walked into the gym begging people not to judge me and yet I was doing just that. Double class Dolly went on to tell me that over the past 3 years she had lost 18 stone. So she did know the struggle, she did know the breathlessness, the tears in the car before walking in and all spots in class where you don’t see your reflection or couldn’t be  seen through the door. More importantly this girl knew the success and that inspired me, I was talking to a living, walking bundle of fitness that proved that this battle could be won.

Now I am a regular at EveryBody Fit classes yet I believe it would be biased of me to give my opinion on the classes, on how motivating and friendly they are as I know a lot of the people that go. Personally I think the classes are great as the instructors know the battle of weight loss and the fight to fit fitness into a busy family schedule. They care; they are passionate about you being the very best version of you. I often watch a newbie at an EveryBody Fit class and see how within minutes they feel at ease within the fun and friendly classes, this is the general routine of someone attending an Everybody Fit Class for the first time.

Newbie walks into class and are greeted by Cheryl, they fill in the relevant forms and then Cheryl asks them about their health and gives an introduction as to what to expect in the class. The newbie wonders amongst the other class members and receives some hellos, and a few ‘don’t be nervous’ and then Cheryl goes on to introduce her to the class. Throughout the workout they receive a little extra tuition from Cheryl ensuring that they complete the workout safely and gets the most from it. They are spoken to after class and warned about the aching legs the morning after!!! What is then really nice to see is that friendships develop; comments and friend requests may be shared on facebook. The newbie just an hour or so after arriving at class is now one of the TEAM. You will only ever turn up alone once to class at EveryBody Fit and within five minutes you will be amongst friends.

If you are considering coming to class, get in touch with EveryBody Fit and allow them and their class goers to inspire you; to reap the benefits of working out.  It should be fun and everybody makes fitness fun and inclusive for all.

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