Fi’s Journey – The Beginning……

My name is Fi, I am 35 I consider myself to be a busy working woman, a mum, a partner. I have always struggled with my weight and apart from the odd occasion I can never really remember being under a size sixteen. Just over 2 years ago my health was out of control and the penny finally dropped that I was digging my own grave with a knife and fork. We are not talking a stone or two here – I was faced with having to lose a person. My ‘journey’ is still not over and I am still fighting the fat. I would say I have around 4-5 stone to lose at the moment and if we take into consideration I’ve already lost ten, we may get an idea just how out of control my health was.


I have been asked to share my experience, it is important to remember that I am not a qualified fitness professional; I simply found what worked for me. With the diet and fitness industry market thriving on fads and quick fixes, I have achieved success by using the age old principle of following a healthy balanced diet and exercising. I attend local Everybody Fit classes in Fulwood, Preston which keeps me motivated and inspired in a fun and friendly environment.  Please do not use this blog as your weight loss bible – let it inspire you to find what is going to make you successful.


This week I will share with you how I got started, what keeps me on track and how slowly I have become a girl who craves a workout to relieve stress and not a piece of cake.


  1. Find what works for you. Diets that promise that you will drop ten pounds a week are simply not realistic. I am the girl who had tried them all and failed at them all. I didn’t want to spend my life having coloured days, eating points or shakes – I love food but I realised that if I was really going to make this a lifestyle I had to commit to something that was sustainable for life. The ‘diet’ of choice was healthy eating; How novel!
  2. Forget the idea of fast. This weight will not drop off in a month or two and that is fine. Do not become so obsessed with the number on the scale that to step on to and a pound loss becomes soul destroying. Use it as a compass – let it show you that you are heading in the right direction, take time to enjoy your ‘journey’ and learn from it along the way.


  1. Make a plan. If I told you that you had to go to Japan for the week, you would plan for it. Look at your health and fitness goals in the same manner. Make a plan; what do you want to achieve?? Remember a dream without a plan is just wish and you do not get what you wish for, you get what you work for.


  1. Write everything down. I mean absolutely everything. This is enabling you to learn from the process. Make a meeting with yourself daily to reflect on the day just gone and to plan for next. For example; if you can see a direct connection between eating no breakfast and a day of constant snacking and lacking in will power, learn from it.


  1. Be kind. This one is simple, you’re going to have some tough days and you will hit a few bumps in the road, however be kind to yourself, don’t beat yourself up, recognise that you are looking to change your lifestyle and that is a great achievement in itself.


The road to improving one’s health and fitness is at times extremely difficult, everybody has the capability to achieving whatever goal they set themselves. Small steps will lead you to the lifestyle you want and deserve.