Become Empowered This Spring

If I were to sit and write this article about how perfect my life is and how I am motivated 100% of the time and that I am constantly hop, skipping and jumping towards my goals I would be living in a dream world!  There are days that I struggle more than others and there are a lot of days that I beat myself up for not being in line with society’s image of the perfect woman. I don’t always leave the house with no pots in the sink and I am by no means a size 0. The truth of the matter is I have no intention of being housewife of the year and I think that to portray super models in the media as the ultimate beauty icon is absurd.  When I speak to other people they agree, so why in modern society are we more hung up on what we cannot do rather than what we can?

So, I have taken spring as a sign to blossom, to see each day as a fresh opportunity to be whoever I want and more importantly to be proud of what my body can do instead of focusing what it can’t. What is difficult is when you start complimenting yourself and believing in yourself it is so rare these days that it is often regarded as arrogance or being ‘full of yourself’. Since starting my weight loss journey I have trained with two personal trainers and I have proved that I can make whatever changes I like to my life; put in the work and the changes will come. I am also proof that, and I don’t like admitting this bit,  as an independent woman  from time to time I need a little help, I need to spend time with people who  may have a little more knowledge than I do about certain things and that lift me higher. For example, if you have dreams of being a top photographer it probably isn’t going to be in your best interest to spend your days in an office full of accountants.  This is where my fitness family (the ‘fitfam’) come in handy and when I am starting to dip motivation wise these are the people who lift me up and no matter how many dreams I have of being a lone wolf in the workout world and sculpting a summer body all on my own I need a hand and some guidance from time to time.

So every week I treat myself to a personal training session, it’s an hour to focus on me and my goals and when you appoint the right person for the job it’s an hour of empowerment. I spend the hour overcoming challenges I never thought possible.  I may walk away from the session looking like I have been dragged through a hedge backwards but I feel amazing.  There are many things I learn in my personal training but the confidence and the self-esteem boost is the reason I indulge in them and for this reason as often as possible I try to surround myself with people who lift me higher.  Living with a personal trainer I hear of the successes of other people and how personal training has changed their life, inspiration is a two way thing and I believe that for most of the time we never know who we are inspiring. My early days in the workout world I was inspired by people who looked to have more ‘bounce’ in fitness classes, these days I am inspired by people who probably have no idea the impact they have on my life. The busy working mums, the people who allow the challenges of life make them better, not bitter, the carers and the people walking into fitness classes for the first time – anyone who walks outside their comfort zone deserves saluting in my opinion. Life can be tough and anyone who takes the time to make an extra effort is an inspiration to me.

So, in the coming weeks take the time to surround yourself with people who lift you higher and believe in you. If you’re on a fitness mission invest in personal training sessions or get to class, soak up the energy from like-minded people. It is no secret that I think the classes Everybody Fit offer are fantastic – they are tough but empowering. Being coached by personal trainers in group community classes is rare and the knowledge their team have is immense, the Fitfam is a great community and support network. On the days you struggle to be body proud these guys will empower you to believe in yourself.

Remember the world has enough critics be an encourager.

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