Are Your Feet A Priority?

The winter can be a troubling time for your feet, but with the help of specialist podiatrists, your feet can look gorgeous all-year-round.

At this time of year tight boots, closed-toe shoes and the winter’s chill can be responsible for all sorts of problems where your feet are concerned. If it’s not chilblains on your toes from exposure to the cold, it’s in-growing toenails from those just-too-tight wellies.

Making matters worse, winter is also the season that we tend to ignore our foot related problems. Unlike in the summer, when we cream, exfoliate and buff to look good in our open-toe sandals and flip-flops, during the colder months we quite lazily don a pair of thick woolly socks and hope not to come across a scenario where we have to take them off!

Podiatrists, know all too well how these minor foot problems can lead to major issues further down the line. The team at The Foot Room are very experienced in their field and have seen many a disaster caused by neglect.

“It’s so important to get small foot complaints checked out by a professional. I’ve treated in-growing toenails that, through lack of treatment have become seriously infected and even corns and calluses that have begun to break down, potentially leading to ulceration” Says Sarah Carroll, Podiatrist, The Foot Room.

But these horror stories don’t need to worry you, provided you take preventative measures.
“Podiatry isn’t just about treating problems; it’s also about offering advice to prevent them from happening to maintain the beauty of your feet all-year-round. When you have uncomfortable feet it makes you uncomfortable all over, and this can really show in your face.”

“Our aim is to keep you living the life you want to continue living. Keeping your feet and lower limbs comfortable, so you can continue to walk the dog, run that marathon or play football with your grandchildren. Feet really do need all year round attention.’