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Christmas Outdoor Planters…
Christmas! This is a magical and enchanting time of the year, I am one of those people who loves and embraces this festive season, I love the sparkle, twinkling of the lights and the whole Christmas tradition as well as the excitement this season brings.

I love to spend time getting all the Christmas decorations out, to dress the trees, make Christmas wreaths and garlands and styling my house with Christmas cheer but we mustn’t forget to add a little bit of Christmas magic outdoors.

One way to achieve this is by making a statement with a beautiful Christmas planter, it’s a fabulous way to decorate the front entrance or porch of your home, the planters add a little Christmas cheer as well as looking bespoke and elegant.

This can be inspired by winter’s natural beauty, a rustic display, something with glamour and sparkles, maybe a more festive bright colour pallet or a crisp winter white snowy theme. You can add style to your Christmas planter by incorporating ribbon, baubles or pine cones to add that extra splash of festivity. There’s a Christmas planter to suite everyone’s style.

Winter decorative pots add colour and texture and incorporates the use of natural elements but as an added effect there are so many amazing decorative Christmas pieces you can include, just take a look around and think INSPIRATION.

The beauty winter brings from contorted willow, green spruce, pine cones to the bright red of Dogwood and the strong textures of Holly and seed pods, there is a wide array of colours and textures which can all be used in a decorative winter planter.

Choosing the right container is down to personal choice, from large pots or urns but please make sure you think about size, and impact. When choosing a centrepiece for your design think big and tall but ensure you keep everything in proportion.

Use fir, spruce, pine, white pine willow and of course red berries for a splash of colour and the essence of Christmas. But do not forget to add your own personal touch to your unique design, it will add a little more passion, include silver and gold accents, lights to add a little more twinkle and even a sprinkle of glitter, anything goes, it’s your Christmas creation but please more than anything enjoy designing your very own Christmas planter.

So everyone go out grab your greens, pine cones and berries and all the magic the winter season brings and have a go at creating your own special Christmas planter.

Happy Planting x

By Jane McNeela
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