Local lady says NO to cancer and YES to starting her own wedding photography company

Lancashire-born & bred Nancy Lisa Barrett is making quite a name for herself in the wedding photography world!

Of late she’s had a published wedding article in the Lancashire Evening Post. She’s also been cordially invited to be a member of the highly exclusive ‘Fearless Photographers’ group. She is an accomplished portrait photographer in her own right and is the editor of ‘From Lancashire with Love’ – a hints and tips website for brides/grooms to be.

Nancy describes herself as a documentary wedding photographer and she shoots in a very candid, natural style. Her photography is an intricate mix of emotions, fantastically fast reactions and most importantly, being a ‘fabulous people person.’ Nancy became interested in photography as a passionate hobby many years ago and has since developed her own ‘arty’ style!

In 2014 she was diagnosed with breast cancer! Many months of chemo & radiotherapy followed, taking their toll until at last she was told she was cancer free! Royal Preston’s Rosemere staff have her utmost gratitude. Her friends, her own resolve, and her precious photography kept her going!

She spent her sick leave wisely by learning web design, marketing & business skills. Nancy says cancer changed her life…for the better! It changed her outlook on everything and moulded her future. Above all, this awful illness gave her the determination to make photography her profession and spend her time doing something she ‘adores’ rather than ‘something she has to do.’

Nancy has since invested in top equipment that is capable of performing effortlessly in low light churches which accents the ‘natural’ look in her images. She is renowned for her wedding slideshows which are exquisitely beautiful. She also limits how many weddings she photographs over a year – quality over quantity! Nancy loves photography and you’re going to love Nancy!

Nancy Lisa Barrett Wedding Photographer truly is ‘From Lancashire with Love.’


E: lisa.barrett31@gmail.com

T: 07921 864470