Kip McGrath Preston North

I have been teaching children for 25 years.   I was working full time in a state school until July 2017, so I have relevant up-to-date experience and know the latest curriculum.  I also have a team of talented, fully qualified, experienced teachers.

Our Tuition Centre specialises in English and Maths tuition for students with a variety of needs and aspirations from Year 1 through to Year 11.  Kip McGrath has offered ONLINE tuition for a number of years now and its systems are tried and tested.  We offer individualised learning programmes with face-to-face, real time online tuition which will support your child through this crisis period and beyond.

I hope that we can be of assistance to your children- whether it is to support them while they don’t have access to regular schooling, in order to overcome obstacles to learning or whether it is to provide the extra challenge that some children need.  Please feel free to contact me to ask for advice or to arrange a FREE assessment.

You may book an assessment in the following ways:

-by ringing me on 01772 378312

-using the website:

-using our Facebook page: