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Help Save Our Sewers and Seas

If you want to help reduce the amount of plastic entering our seas, rivers and oceans, save yourself costly drainage maintenance fees and contribute to stopping the formation of environmentally damaging fatbergs, Unblocktober is for you. And it’s totally free. Unblocktober is all about making small changes to your habits that can have a big […]

Lancashire County Council Safe Trader Scheme

The Safe Trader Scheme is celebrating its 10 year anniversary this year. The Scheme is operated by Lancashire County Council Trading Standards Service to assist residents of Lancashire to find reputable local traders for property repairs, home improvements, gardening services, mobility aids and other services around the home. Traders on the Scheme have all demonstrated […]

Water Works – Why we should all drink more water

Ask most people how much fluid they are supposed to drink in a day, and they will reply “Eight glasses of water.” This number has seeped into the public consciousness over the past couple of decades so it might surprise you to know that it has very little basis in science! However, it is important […]


The Hall Players – 59th Season


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Why Does Your Local Business Need Marketing


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Sergeant Shankly Recruited to Enhance City Centre Safety

Shankly will be out ‘on duty’ with his specialist-handler and police colleagues throughout the city centre from September until December. Shankly, a new recruit and specially trained...

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