Monthly Archives: February 2018

Mother’s Day Treat at Touch of Spice

It’s been a while since we last visited Touch of Spice formerly known as Gate of Bengal situated at Broughton crossroads, so as an early Mother’s Day treat we decided to take the family out for tea. For owner Iky, The Gate of Bengal was a realisation of a lifelong dream. He used to frequently […]

It’s time to bring your lawns to life

We all like to have a nice green weed free lawn but with the non- stop rainfall in the region since Autumn water-logging can pose a challenge to many lawns. High rainfall leaches out nutrients causing the grass to turn yellow. Grass is resistant and will usually recover but a little help goes a long […]

30 Hours, feeling the benefit…

There is no doubt that one of the highest costs to families of young children is childcare. In September 2017 the Government took a massive leap towards reducing that burden by increasing entitled hours for pre-school children. In September last year the Government increased the entitlement for children aged 3 and 4 from 15 hours […]

Pods Fix Feet

· When you have toothache…who do you call? – A Dentist? · When you have eye problems…who do you call? – An Optician? · When you have a foot problems…who do you call? – Your GP? A Friend? Your Mum? Podiatrists are foot specialists. They are trained to assess, diagnose and treat foot and lower limb problems without […]

Time to take a look at Wills…

A new year brings resolutions, most of which will have been forgotten about by the end of January. So, if your resolutions have fallen by the wayside already, do not despair.  How about setting yourself a “to do list” and taking it one step at a time to cross everything off?  Our suggestion would be […]


Help Save Our Sewers and Seas

If you want to help reduce the amount of plastic entering our seas, rivers and oceans, save yourself costly drainage maintenance fees and contribute to stopping the formation of...

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Lancashire County Council Safe Trader Scheme

The Safe Trader Scheme is celebrating its 10 year anniversary this year. The Scheme is operated by Lancashire County Council Trading Standards Service to assist residents of Lancashire to...

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Water Works – Why we should all drink more water

Ask most people how much fluid they are supposed to drink in a day, and they will reply "Eight glasses of water." This number has seeped into the public consciousness over the past couple...

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